Hello, considering I’m 13 and this is my first ever game jam.. I’d say I did decent :) 

I’m actually surprised in myself, and I’m glad I didn’t over-scope the game. All the music was made by me, the sound effects are default sound effects from the game engine I use (Flowlab.io), and the art assets I used for the player, and the end scene.. can be found below. Thanks for playin’!

Art assets from itch.io used:




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I liked the game a lot. Just some feedback: the hitboxes were messed up. That has to be fixed. The inverting of the colors hurts my eyes/brain a lot. (I am not usually like this, I work in theater lol, but this gave me a headache)  I wish the player movement was a bit smoother, but otherwise great game!

thanks, in other posts I’ve got the same thing and I’ve already said I’ll fix the issues after the voting period for the jam!

I’ll probably have a transition between the inverting, do you think that’ll make it better on your eyes?


A good game overall, the levels are great but the hitboxes are not so. I liked the art but i wish that you had stuck with only one style and resolution.

I agree, and I heard this from another person too. In the game engine I use changing hit boxes are not a feature, but I could pretty easily add a parent object with a small hit box. 

I didn’t really know what to do for the end, and literally an hour before the jam started I figured out itch.io has free assets, so I thought it’d be fun to try to use some. But I agree, the end assets don’t fit the game’s style at all!

Gj dino! This game is really fun

thanks Sans :)

13 gang 13 gang

Haha, yep!

Its fun. But hard for players who got azerty. The time got a very low number to start with. Which makes it quite hard actually..

what do you mean by, the time got a very low number to start with? 

It only got 30s to go to the other side. Using the keys that you implented in the game doesn't work for me because im on azerty.


oh, I for sure though 30 seconds would be enough lol.

After voting I’ll update the game to have azerty controls too.

I think arrow controls would be great too.

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Very NICE!

Edit: Unus Annus?



I don’t know what Unus Annus is, but cool..?

U shall never know...

Unus Annus never existed...


Nice, Feels a little floaty but it's pretty good. GJ

yeah, I was trying to decide whether or not to have the player move in the same direction in the air while jumping or when you let go of a or d you stop moving left or right in the air. I could’ve prevented the floatiness but I think it just makes the game more difficult overall, which I guess is good in some perspectives.